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The Tickets Menu has several default and premium features. This is where
you create new service tickets, clone previous tickets, print blank tickets and much more.

There is an extensive search routine with 9 different search criteria.
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Inventory Control
The Service Ticket
Data in these screen shots are not representative of any service provider, manufacturer or
ESP company but are from records that were created for test purposes and and these screen shots.


A composite of the full page service ticket. Everything is derived from this form or linked to this form.

Private Notes Tab | Every note and status change is date and time stamped

Billing Tab | Parts billing information is pulled from the inventory control system where a part or parts have been "attached" to a specific ticket.

Parts Tab | You can directly access the inventory control system to add, order and attach a part to a ticket. Inbound and outbound tracking numbers, if entered, will show up on this page with a link to check shipping progress with either UPS or FedEx.