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The Service Ticket

The dispatch calendar has many functions.

  • Click on any item in either the list or on the calendar and open the full service ticket for editing.

  • Get a snapshot or overview of where your calls are
Dispatch Calendar

  • Color coding will cause tickets with special issues to stand out

  • Ticket status, customer name, payer
    and city are displayed for each ticket.



If you have a cooperative partnership in your area, you can select them and their calls will populate to the calendar. The only information on a partners tickets that will be shown will be date, time and city.

No access to your partners tickets is permitted.

In addition to the clendar, tickets in a critical status are listed to the right of the calendar. Status displayed are:

  • NEW unscheduled tickets.

  • PART TO ORDER reminds you to order parts.

  • BILLING READY TO SUBMIT has several sub status including COD that need to be cleared or ESP and warranty tickets that need to be filed for payment.

  • ESTIMATE status.