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Data in these screen shots are not representative of any service provider, manufacturer or
ESP company but are from records that were created for test purposes and and these screen shots.

The accounting menu, shown at the right, is fairly self explanatory and too complex to show each function in this summary.

Some are described in other sections.

Below are a few of the important ones.

Most reports can be exported to


Accounting Menu


Accounts Receivable Ageing report has the ability to create a report either by date range, by AR customer or both.

At the bottom of the report is a list of the involved tickets with the ability to edit a ticket to make any corrections.


There are a couple of analysis reports that draw from current and historical data. You can easily compare your averages for each AR customer for comparison.

These kind of reports can be useful when asking for a rate increase from an AR customer.

You can also see what your true gross is for each AR customer.

Cash Flow Report shows your daily cleared tickets with averages MTD.
Daily Report shows what you cleared with a breakdown on several categories.

This report, when your sales tax period is entered, will give you the numbers you need to file your state sales tax (if any).

You can edit any tickets that have discrepancies.