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The following is a brief overview. When you login, you will see a Help link that will provide much greater detail.

WebMail provides a way of checking your E-Mail over the World Wide Web and is based on the very stable SquirrelMail platform. This version has been customized for Minimum Load's users.

SquirrelMail is laid out in two main sections called frames. The left frame lists the currently subscribed folders. More information about the left frame may be found under the "Folders" section of this help documentation.

On the right is where most of the action will take place. At the top of the page is a menu bar. Sign out will safely log you out of the program when you are finished. The Current Folder displays which of the folders listed in the left frame you are currently in. Right after you log in, by default your INBOX will be shown.

Under the top bar is a row of menu choices:
  • Compose - Make and send an email which may include attachments.

  • Addresses - Holds a list of addresses that are contained in your personal address book.

  • Folders - All folder manipulation takes place under this. You can delete, create, rename, subscribe, and unsubscribe folders.

  • Options - Change settings of how SquirrelMail responds and looks. There are
    several themes you can choose as well as style shets to have your preferred font
    and text sizes.

  • Search - With this tool, you can search through a mailbox for given criteria.

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