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This is the Registration page for Service companies or suppliers who wish to buy and/or sell parts to other service companies or qualified technicians.

If you have ANY trouble registering, please email one one of these administrators. We will reply by email
or call (so please provide your phone number) and resolve any issues:

Tom Brucker
Ron Freeman
Rick Moneck
Kurt Dodgers

Please read the following rules and FAQ's before registering. If you have any questions, contact us first.
"BFP" refers to Boiled Frog Parts.

I am a member of The ProSquad.
Is there where I register?
No. This registration is NOT for The ProSquad members.

If you are a member of The ProSquad, login to the TPS Portal and click on the registration link on the main page. It will migrate your profile info to BFP.

If you joined BFP previously, the link will not be active.
What is the purpose of this marketplace?Primarily it is for service companies to sell stranded inventory as well as good reclaimed parts to each other. Part of the mission statement for The ProSquad is  it's members helping each other to save money and be more efficient.
How do I purchase a part?When you find what you want, there is a automated system for you order the part from the seller. The seller will contact you (or you can contact them) and make your arrangements to pay. BFP plays no role in the actual transaction, warranty or shipping of the part.
Does BFP provide any warranty?  No. BFP is only a facilitator between a buyer and seller. Warranties, if any, are between the buyer and seller.
Where can I complain if there is a dispute?A link is provided in the BFP Marketplace portal. Generally BFP does not get involved with disputes. However a single egregious problem, or a pattern of issues with either a buyer or seller will have their registration deleted without recourse.
Is my information secure?As well as anything on the internet is secure, yes. We do not request and therefore we do not retain any credit card or other financial information, other than for subscription payments, and that information is not accessible from the internet. We only retain limited profile information for use within our system on the internet.
How many parts can I purchase from this marketplace?Purchases are unlimited.
How many parts can I list?Discrete parts are unlimited. The fees below are for listing up to 250 Major Assemblies. Fees increase incrementally every 250 listings for major assemblies THAT ARE ACTIVE and have quantity greater than one.
What Are the Fees? The following fees below are based on that level of participation
Fees waived for early members. No fees are anticipated until we reach a very high level of parts availability.
The ProSquad Members   Buy & Sell Free
Other Service Companies Buy Only Free
Buy & Sell $60.00 Year [After 1 year Trial Period and at least one sale] Fees waived for early members.
Suppliers Sell Only TBD  Contact
Buy & Sell TBD  Contact
You will be invoiced prior to your Trial Period ending. Your account will be deactivated after a 10 day grace period if not paid. You will be invoiced thereafter annually.

Suppliers, we can link our search and database to your database. Contact Us.

Explanation of Service Company | A service company is one that is or has been in the routine business of repairing a product and where parts sales are not it's primary business. Service company applications are evaluated to ensure that they are in fact, a repair company.